Those of us who are beauty and skincare enthusiasts have heard of all kinds of laser skin treatment options in our quest for a more radiant natural glow. Though most lasers claim to do it all—combat signs of aging, fight and prevent breakouts, brighten and firm skin—not all laser treatments are created equal. So how do you decide? Let us save you hours of Googling and break down a new personal favorite: Clear + Brilliant. 

If you’ve ever been curious about a laser skin treatment but still had questions – will it hurt? will it work? – we’ve all been there. That’s why we caught up with Dr. Kalpana DePasquale to get the inside scoop.

Dr. DePasquale is board certified physician and among the most innovative entrepreneurs in the skincare space. On a mission to help women build a better, healthier relationship with their skin and become more confident, she founded Avanti Medical Spa where she specializes in various facials, laser treatments, and injectables. After a life-changing battle with cancer, Dr. DePasquale was driven to create a skincare line made from non-toxic botanicals after discovering that most skincare products contain chemicals that are often linked to the deadly disease. 

For those who have never heard of it, what exactly is Clear + Brilliant?

“It’s a quick and gentle laser skin treatment that helps refresh your skin’s healthy, youthful glow. With little to no downtime afterwards compared to other laser treatments, you can even follow up with nourishing skincare products like serums and moisturizers to get the most out of your treatment. This is perfect for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, improve their skin tone, and prevent visible signs of aging.”

You mean I don’t have to be a shut-in for a week afterwards? Sounds amazing! So how does it work?

“Clear + Brilliant uses a fractional laser to refresh your skin from the inside. It creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your upper layers of skin. These treatment zones replace damaged tissue with healthy, younger-looking skin.”

The big question with lasers is typically is it safe for my skin?

“Absolutely, Clear + Brilliant is very safe and works with all types of skin! Like with any procedure, you should always make sure it’s being administered by a trained professional, like we are at Avanti Med Spa, who can evaluate the unique needs of your skin and design a treatment regimen that will work best for you.”

And how many treatments would you recommend I get?

“While you should see results after your first session, studies show four to six treatments give the most visible improvements. Of course, the recommended number of treatments will vary from person to person.”

What age range would you say Clear + Brilliant is right for?

“Well, technically skin of any age has sustained damage from the environment, such as sun exposure. This damage contributes to dull, lackluster skin. Whether you want to roll back the early signs of aging, or you’d like to prolong your skin’s youthful appearance, Clear + Brilliant can help.”

What if I’ve already done some corrective laser treatments. Can I do Clear + Brilliant, too?

“You certainly can! This treatment is a fantastic way to maintain the investment you’ve already made in your skin’s health and can even help improve upon your results. Be certain to mention your previous treatments at your first appointment.”

Can you walk me through, step by step – what can I expect at my appointment?

“A typical Clear + Brilliant Treatment begins with a consultation. Once we’ve established your personalized treatment, your licensed skin care expert will determine whether you will need a topical numbing cream to provide additional comfort. The treatment will be administered by one of our licensed skin care experts, who will guide the handpiece across the target area, actively and gently treating your skin. A complete session only takes about 30 minutes.”

So, it’s virtually painless, you don’t have to hide indoors for a week afterwards, and the result is refreshed, younger-looking skin? Sign me up! A special thank you to Dr. DePasquale for sitting down and chatting with us about this revolutionary treatment. I can’t wait for my first appointment!

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