Fall is finally here! What your skin needs in the summer, the fall, and the winter will be different depending on your skin type, but I have one big recommendation for all skin types: come in for a Kalvera Hydrafacial at least once between seasons!

While you have been keeping up with all the summer parties, beach days, vacations, and weddings, your skin has been dealing with sun exposure, sunscreen, salt water, sweat, and makeup! When you think about it, you owe your skin a little rest and rejuvenation!

A Kalvera Hydrafacial will deep clean your pores to remove any debris and skin cells to make sure that you won’t get breakouts! It will also hydrate your skin leaving it fresh, and renewed!

Another benefit of the Kalvera Hydrafacial is that it allows your skin care products work even better to help restore your natural glow before all those holiday parties start up.

It’s also great time to begin Clear & Brilliant laser treatments, as they will help deal with post-sun hyperpigmentation and acne. A Hydrafacial is a great way to start the Fall, and to get your skin back on track!

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