Your skin should be a source of confidence, not anxiety.

We help you uncover your natural beauty through our skin care methodology, helping you develop a positive relationship with the way you look, so you can realize your full potential.


Founder & CEO


Dr. Kalpana DePasquale is an entrepreneur, speaker, and Board Certified Physician that is fueled by a philosophy that goes beyond skin. Her mission is to empower the total wellness of body, mind, and planet.

Dr. Kalpana decided to grow the offerings of Avanti and created Kalvera ® Skin Care after a life-changing battle with thyroid cancer, which fueled her investigation into cancer-causing chemicals in products we rely on daily, starting with her skin.

She found that products from well-known brands were full of chemicals that were linked to cancer, and that many brands were not transparent about their ingredients.

Dr. Kalpana built Avanti & Kalvera on a foundation of transparency and empowerment, so that people can be confident in their own skin.

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